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Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisels
Ref: 05S21

Precision made in Veritas' own machine shop, these chisels are milled from PM-V11 steel (Rc61-63), an innovative proprietary alloy. This metal's micro-structure makes it extremely durable, so it can withstand the impact of heavy chopping cuts without chipping or deforming as readily as other tool steels, even at bevel angles as low as 20°. Highly wear resistant, the edge typically lasts at least twice as long in use as an A2 blade before it needs sharpening, yet it's as easy to sharpen as A2 steel using common abrasive media such as water stones. These chisel blades taper from shoulder to tip for strength and rigidity, and have parallel sides and true bevel edges for clearance and minimal friction when working into an angled corner or a tight recess. To ensure that the face of each blade is both smooth and true, the chisels are lapped flat.

The blade and handle are connected with a tang and a socket-like stainless-steel ferrule that seats directly onto the shoulder of the blade. Flats on the tang prevent the handle from rolling. Each chisel is superbly balanced, with the center of gravity close to the tang/socket connection.

The hard maple handle has been torrefied, a heating process that changes the structure of the wood at the cellular level, stabilizing it against swelling and shrinkage caused by humidity changes. Contoured to fit the hand nicely, the handle has a domed end that resists chipping from glancing mallet blows.

Blades range from 3-5/8" to 5-1/8" long. The 3/8" and smaller chisels have 30° primary bevels; the others are 25°. All have 2° micro-bevels and require only final honing before use.

Made in Canada.

Prices include VAT 

Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisels


Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel 1/8" 65.05
Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel 3/16" 65.05
Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel 1/4" 69.59
Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel 3/8" 69.59
Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel 1/2" 74.12
Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel 3/4" 82.44
Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel 1" 86.22

Veritas Set of 3 Miniature Chisels
Ref: 05P8501

This chisel set is the latest addition to the Veritas line of fully functional miniature tools. Made at about 1/3 the scale of our regular bench chisels, each is only about 3-1/4" long overall and weighs less than a third of an ounce. At this scale, the three tools in the set have 3/8", 1/4" and 1/8" wide blades. All permit a delicate touch where fine, controlled cuts are needed.

Their 3/32" thick PM-V11® steel blades are hardened to Rc61-63 and ground flat on the face. They have a 25° bevel. The chisel handles are bubinga with a stainless-steel ferrule.

Made in Canada. Price includes VAT. 

Price: 35.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Set of 3 Miniature Chisels



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