Chappell - The Master Framer (Imperial)

Chappell - The Master Framer (Imperial)
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Chappell - The Master Framer (Imperial)Chappell - The Master Framer (Imperial)

Product Reference: 1824S

Steve Chappell has been working on his framing squares for some considerable time and he maintains that the Chappell Universal Square is the first real improvement in the framing square since 1901.

These squares have a full array of patented rafter tables that include equal and unequal pitched as well as 6 & 8 sided polygons.

* Equal pitched rafter tables from 15º to 60º
* Polygon rafter tables from 17.5º to 47.5º
* Unequal pitched rafter tables from 15º to 30º

Each square includes a 48 page instruction booklet.

Made from rugged 13 gauge stainless steel and deep etched for long life.

The squares are guaranteed to be square within 0.03".

1 1/2" x 18" tongue with 2" x 24" body

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Price: 172.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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