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Chris Pye Woodcarving DVDs

Professionally produced and directed, these DVDs will get you as close as possible to standing by Chris at his bench. We invite you to join us in the shop as Chris instructs Rob Cosman with hands-on training in three fundamental carving skills.

Chris Pye - Sharpening Techniques DVD

Rob Cosman is the student as Chris teaches him the basics of how to get carving tools sharpened correctly. This is bench side instruction on how to make a gouge do more than you may have thought possible. Chris starts with a new tool and carfefully guides you through all the steps of preparation to finally achieve that desired cutting edge. You are guided through the maze of available chisels, Chris answers the how's and whys and suggests where to start when it comes to acquiring tools. Included in this dvd are a few of the practises Chris was taught during his apprenticeship that are not widely known. Chris Pye is an excellent teacher and Rob Cosman proves to be an attentive student.

Learn to sharpen your gouges correctly so they work at peak efficiency: it's as important to elegant woodcarving as tuning is to playing your guitar.

1hr 52 min  

Price: 24.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Chris Pye - Sharpening Techniques DVD


Rob Cosman/Chris Pye Woodcarving DVD link broadband

Preview DVD - Broadband

Rob Cosman/Chris Pye Woodcarving DVD link dial-up

Preview DVD - Dial Up

Chris Pye - Ornamental Carving DVD

Chris takes you step-by-step from a flat surface to a gracefully finished decorative design. Once you've mastered the model, you can adapt it to a wide range of projects. And along the way, you'll have built an inventory of essential woodcarving skills.

This double CD DVD is over 2 hours long!

Join Chris Pye, have fun, and learn. 

Price: 28.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Chris Pye - Ornamental Carving DVD



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