Blue Spruce Large Marking Knife

Blue Spruce Large Marking Knife

Product Reference: LMK1cmmk

Marking knives are used in place of a pencil to cut very precise layout lines into the work piece. The lines are very easy to see and help ensure accurate saw cuts when sawing precision joinery. The incised mark also works as an excellent reference for making final paring cuts.

A Blue Spruce marking knife will become an indispensable and treasured addition to your tool cabinet. The small marking knife is designed for general use in stock up to ¾" thick. It excels in marking out dovetail joints in small casework, drawers, jewellery boxes and other fine, detailed work. The large marking knife is designed for larger stock and larger scale casework generally over ¾" thick. It is also nice for those woodworkers with larger hands and who want a more substantial handle and heft to the marking knife.

The larger double bevel marking knife has a blade 1/16" thick by 1/2" wide and an overall length of 8-1/4". The larger size is most suitable for projects involving joinery such as mortise and tenons, dovetails in thicker stock and overall layout tasks.

The marking knife blades are made from A-2 tool steel hardened to 60-62 Rc, which can develop an extremely keen and durable edge.

Curly Maple handle.
Price: 85.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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