Blue Spruce 13oz Mallet - Beech & Maple

Blue Spruce 13oz Mallet - Beech &  Maple
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Blue Spruce 13oz Mallet - Beech &  Maple

Product Reference: MLTRND2-1

Blue Spruce Toolworks Mallets are finely crafted and extremely durable. The heads are made from maple that has been infused with acrylic polymer resin to completely fill the cellular structure of the wood. This helps prevent the crushing of the face grain which is so common with most round, wood mallets. It also increases the density of the wood by about 50% resulting in a perfect balance, bounce and weight for most mallet work. Their round mallets excel in chopping out dovetails, carving and lightly guiding your most precise work.

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Price: 95.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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