BenchCrafted Tail Vice (Wagon Vice) Kit

BenchCrafted Tail Vice (Wagon Vice) Kit
BenchCrafted Tail Vice (Wagon Vice) KitBenchCrafted Tail Vice (Wagon Vice) KitBenchCrafted Tail Vice (Wagon Vice) KitBenchCrafted Tail Vice (Wagon Vice) Kit

Product Reference: BC-TV

The BenchCrafted Tail Vice (or wagon vice as it is also known) is extremely robust, precise, and requires little effort to operate. It's design is based around a Roubo-style bench with a top thickness no less 100mm (4").

However, the vice can easily be used in any bench with a solid top. (It can be used in thinner benches provided with wider aprons and end cap.) Retrofitting existing benches is also possible. All necessary mounting hardware is included. The wooden dog block is down to you to make according to the dog hole size required/timber etc.

Clamping between dogs is the main task of any tail vice, spinning the handwheel makes this a very quick operation. Holding the wheel rim allows precise, controlled pressure to be exerted when approaching final position.

Clamping vertically between vice jaws can be easily accomplished with this vice, and when lined with the included suede leather (included), the grip is tenacious. This is an ideal vice for working the ends of smaller boards. The vice, when installed for its maximum capacity and using a 127 mm (5") long dog block, is capable of handling an 298 mm (11 3/4") wide board. Maximum travel is 311mm (12 1/4") using a 73 mm (2 7/8") end cap.

Weight 7.8 kg

Tail Vice Kit comprises:
1 Handwheel
1 1-1/4 precision acme screw (left hand thread)
1 1-1/4 Acme Nut (left hand thread)
1 Sliding plate
1 Flange
1 Large washer
1 Groove pin for attaching handwheel to screw
2 Guide rails
8 #12 x 3 inch screws for guide rails
2 5/16"-18 x 4" flange bolts w. washers and lock nuts
2 5/16"-18 x 3/4 button head cap screw
2 1/4 x 2 pan head screw for attaching dog block
1 Rosewood handwheel knob with shoulder bolt
1 Thick washer for mounting the handle
1 Crubber, to cover end of dog strip and face of dog block
Notice: wooden dog block not included!

Assembling notice: Aside from the typical woodworking tools required to build the wood components of the vice and install it, you'll need some tools who not every woodworker in Continental Europe will usually have as they are in imperial (inch) measurements.
You will need:
1-3/4 and 1-1/2 inch bit (38mm and 45mm will do too) for acme screw
5/16 inch bit for flange bolts (8 mm bit will do too!)
Allen key 3/16 inch for the 2 button head cap screws and the lock nuts of the flange bolts

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BenchCrafted Tail Vice instructions can be found here

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