BenchCrafted Crisscross Solo

BenchCrafted Crisscross Solo
BenchCrafted Crisscross Solo

Product Reference: BC-CCS

This device for maintaining parallelism in a vice jaw is basically two pieces or "arms" of metal or wood, equal in length, joined in the middle to create a pivot. The upper ends of the arms (also on pivots) are joined to the bench's leg and the chop. The resulting mechanism not only maintains a parallel opening, but also supports the weight of itself, the vice screw, and the chop. The beauty of the mechanism is its simplicity.

The Crisscross Solo attaches to the bench leg and chop with two 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) diameter and 8 inch (204 mm) long steel mounting pins. These holes are most accurately drilled using a drill press, so choose this model if you're building a new bench, and can work on the bench leg at the drill press.

Weight 4.6 kg

Crisscross Solo Contents:
2 Crisscross arms
1 pivot pin
3 snap rings (one extra)
2 8 inch mounting pins
2 1-3/4 steel bearing plates
2 #8 wood screws
Same instruction sheet as for Glide Leg Vice Base Hardware

Assembling notice: Aside from the typical woodworking tools required to build the wood components of the vise and install it, you'll need some tools who not every woodworker in Continental Europe will usually have as they are in imperial (inch) measurements.
You will need:
3/8 inch or 9.5 mm bit for Crisscross arms

Before deciding which Crisscross is right for you, please read through the Original BenchCrafted Instructions.

BenchCrafted Crisscross instructions can be found here

Price: 118.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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