BenchCrafted Crisscross Retro

BenchCrafted Crisscross Retro
BenchCrafted Crisscross Retro

Product Reference: BC-CCR

The Crisscross Retro features two cast iron brackets which house short pivot pins that attach to the arms. You don't need to drill any holes for pivot pins with the Retro, which makes it a better choice if you're retrofitting a bench with a Crisscross. You can also use the Retro in a new bench, even if you have access to a drill press, if you'd prefer the installation method of the Retro. The arms in both the Solo and Retro are identical. The difference is simply in your installation preference.

Weight 5.9 kg

Crisscross Retro Contents:
2 Crisscross arms
1 pivot pin
3 snap rings (one extra)
2 2-1/2 inch mounting pins
2 iron mounting brackets
4 5/16 x 1-1/4 inch cap screws
2 1-3/4 steel bearing plates
2 #8 wood screws
Same instruction sheet as for Glide Leg Vice Base Hardware

Assembling notice: Aside from the typical woodworking tools required to build the wood components of the vise and install it, you'll need some tools who not every woodworker in Continental Europe will usually have as they are in imperial (inch) measurements. Also we recommend to read the chapter about tapping holes in wood for machine screws as it is not so common to do this in Europe.
You will need, in case you follow the instructions strictly:
5/16-18 tap for the 4 flat head screws
Allen key 3/16 inch for the 4 flat head screws
1/4 inch or 6.3 mm bit for the pilot hole of the 5/16" flat head screws (6 mm bit will do too, is even better in wood!)

BenchCrafted Crisscross instructions can be found here

Price: 151.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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