Bad Axe 12" Stiletto (Hickory Handle)

Bad Axe 12

Product Reference: BAD12-S-HICK

15ppi Rip
0.018" Gauge Plate
12" blade
Depth of cut 1 3/4" at the heel, and cants to 1 5/8" at the toe
Black-Oxided Carbon Steel Sawback
American Hickory Handle
Regular Size Handle
Brass Slotted Nuts

The maker says:

Before designing my 12" hybrid dovetail/small tenon saw, I asked Bad Axe customers who like my company's facebook page what they thought. Virtually everyone clamored for a longer plate, citing a desire for more accuracy and control when sawing 3/4 up to 6/4 stock, where shorter saws fall--well, short. My new Bad Axe 12" hybrid dovetail/small tenon saw is the happy result.
Price: 240.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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