Bad Axe 10" Dovetail Hybrid Saw

Bad Axe 10

Product Reference: BAD10-DS-H

17 ppi Hybrid
0.015" Gauge Plate
10" blade
Depth of cut: 1-1/2" under the back at the heel, canting down to 1-3/8" at the toe
Black-Oxided Carbon Steel Sawback
American Hickory Handle
Regular Size Handle
Brass Slotted Nuts

The maker says:

"I already own a dovetail saw--why would I want this one?"
Because you've never tried a 10" dedicated dovetail saw before, have you? You're going to love the way a longer toothline in a lighter, yet longer saw makes for a far more accurate cut with fewer chances of dithering off course.
We designed an open-handled, thin (0.015) plate dovetail saw 10" long with just enough real estate below the back to facilitate longer, more precise dovetail cuts with fewer strokes to promote accuracy and efficiency with long rifle precision.
Price: 224.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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