Ashley Iles Ferret (Handled)

Ashley Iles Ferret (Handled)
Ashley Iles Ferret (Handled)Ashley Iles Ferret (Handled)

Product Reference: AI-FERRET

A fibre extracting and ring release tool made by Ashley Iles.

Universal - works left and right handed.

These tools have carbon steel blades, not HSS that you would find in the turning tools we offer from the likes of Hamlet and Robert Sorby. Carbon steel is preferable on a pole lathe because it will give you a finer edge, but more critically it is easier to sharpen if you are away from the power grid. So this ferret is designed with the pole lathe in mind - powered by a human, and not them lathes which have a plug on the end and spin very fast.
Price: 23.30 (Including VAT at 20%)

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