Arbortech Mini Carver

Arbortech Mini Carver
Arbortech Mini CarverArbortech Mini CarverArbortech Mini CarverArbortech Mini CarverArbortech Mini Carver

Product Reference: MIN350

The Arbortech Mini Carver is a tool much appreciated by professional and amateur carvers alike. It can reach into areas, where the standard Arbortech will not work.

The Mini Carver can rough shape, sculpt or sand. The compact size offers detailed carving capabilities and manoeuvrability. The Mini Carver is the ideal power tool for wood sculptors and carvers who value performance, efficiency and versatility. The variable speed allows optimal adjustment when cutting or sanding. The vibration-reducing handle coupled with a quiet motor increases comfort and control when carving for longer periods.

Supplied with tool bag, mini industrial blade, sanding discs (80, 180, 320 grit), rubber sanding pad and dust extraction attachment.

This machine is ready to go and features:

- 2 x 50m woodcarver blades
- Extension arm to help visibility
- 10mm cutting depth for sheet materials
- 4 mini sanding discs
- Right angle drive unit for great control
- Pre-assembled Mini Grinder & Motor:
- Powerful 700W angle grinder
- 2 x 50mm woodcarver blades

Ready to start work immediately.
Price: 249.96 (Including VAT at 20%)

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