Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit

Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit

Product Reference: A-Ind Pro Kit

- Fast, safe & controllable
- Will not bind or grab on tight curves - perfect for shaping & fast removal
- Extremely hard cutting edge & a resilient inner core for high speed work
- Blade hardened to 40 Rockwell C (can be sharpened with a chainsaw file or ceramic sharpening stone)
- Fits 100mm &115mm grinders

The Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver is a unique tungsten carbide tipped cutter with very little kick back. It is designed to meet international safety standards.

- For use with 100 & 115mm angle grinders fitted with the Arbortech Pro-Guard
- Replaceable tungsten carbide teeth
- Smooth free hand shaping
- Tungsten carbide teeth can be unlocked and rotated to expose a fresh cutting edge
- All parts replaceable
- Precision machined from solid steel
- Perfect for freehand carving of bowls or shaping the hardest woods
- Can be used to cut every type of wood, melamine laminate, plastic, nylon, corian, bakelite, acrylic, fibre glass and chipboard.
- Useful for shaping rough timber containing abrasive material such as sand and grit.

The three Super Sharp tungsten carbide teeth are diamond ground and polished on every surface.
The Kit includes:

- Industrial Tungsten tipped Woodcarver Blade
- Proguard system
- Torx fixing key

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