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Arbortech Ball Gouge
Ref: A-BG

The Arbortech Ball Gouge is a unique tool designed for power carving. It has a cutting ring on a 30mm spherical ball with a 90mm arm that attaches to any standard 100mm (4") or 115mm (4.1/2") angle grinder. The cutting action produces fine shavings rather than dust.

This ball gouge gives you the ability to make smooth hollows and concave recesses in spoons or small bowls and safely undertake freehand shaping and carving. It allows you to create an interesting, dimpled, chisel-like texture when moved across a wooden surface.

The perfectly engineered balance provides exceptional control and prevents dig-ins and grabbing. This offers greater control over the depth and final appearance of a project.

When in use the cutting ring is self-sharpening. While one side of the ring cuts, the opposite side of the ring is polished. By simply loosening and rotating the ring, you will achieve a freshly sharpened edge. The previously used edge then undergoes self-sharpening, more than doubling the life of the cutting ring.

Includes key for adjusting the cutter.

Prices incl VAT 

Arbortech Ball Gouge

Arbortech Ball GougeArbortech Ball GougeArbortech Ball GougeArbortech Ball Gouge
Arbortech Ball GougeArbortech Ball GougeArbortech Ball GougeArbortech Ball Gouge


Arbortech Ball Gouge  83.40
Arbortech Ball Gouge Cutter 30mm  22.19

Arbortech Turbo Plane
Ref: A-TP

A great addition to the very popular Arbortech range of products. Using this cutter is just like adding a rotary plane to your angle grinder. Already proving to be very popular with wood carvers and sculptors it removes stock very quickly and leaves a great finish. Can be used on green or seasoned timber. The three durable tungsten carbide blades hold their edge well but can be easily sharpened using a diamond file when necessary.100mm diameter blade, attaches to 100mm(4") and 115mm(4.1/2") angle grinders.

Key Features

* TurboPlane wood shaping and carving blade
* Attaches to 100mm(4") and 115mm(4.1/2") angle grinders
* 3 tungsten carbide cutters
* Easily sharpened using a diamond file
* 100mm with a 22mm Hole diameter
* Rapid freehand wood sculpting, planing and trimming
* Leaves a smooth finish requiring minimal sanding
* Excellent control and balance
* Outstanding for free-formed convex & concave shapes

Price incl VAT 

Price: 121.67 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arbortech Turbo Plane

Arbortech Turbo PlaneArbortech Turbo PlaneArbortech Turbo PlaneArbortech Turbo Plane
Arbortech Turbo Plane


Arbortech Turbo Shaft
Ref: INDFG500

The TURBOShaft is a power carving attachment for use fitted to a 100mm (4") or 115mm (4½") angle grinder. Designed to complement the Arbortech TURBO range or as a stand-alone tool. The TURBOShaft provides the means to carry out detailed freehand carving. It combines efficiency with exceptional control. The TURBOShaft has replaceable carbide teeth offering excellent performance and durability even in the hardest timbers. The adjustable depth gauge makes it easy to quickly set your depth of cut. The unique TURBOShaft is a versatile addition to any woodworker’s arsenal. It is particularly effective for deep and narrow profiles, detailed sculpting, template work and more.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 83.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arbortech Turbo Shaft

Arbortech Turbo ShaftArbortech Turbo ShaftArbortech Turbo ShaftArbortech Turbo Shaft


Arbortech Mini Turbo Blade Kit
Ref: A-MTP

The Arbortech Mini TURBO Kit is a revolution in wood sculpting. This unique tool is designed to fit the Arbortech Mini Grinder and most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders using the supplied extension adaptor.

The blade is precision machined from high quality steel and fitted with wo tungsten carbide teeth. The cutting teeth are rotatable, resharpenable and replaceable but it maybe some time before replacements are required.

This unique tools is great to use freehand or with guides and templates for accurate repeatable shaping. The comprehensive kit includes the Mini TURBO blade, extension adaptor, adaptor for 100mm grinders, 4 assorted sanding discs, fixing screws and washers plus torx and hex drive keys.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 106.36 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arbortech Mini Turbo Blade Kit


Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit
Ref: A-Ind Pro Kit

- Fast, safe & controllable
- Will not bind or grab on tight curves - perfect for shaping & fast removal
- Extremely hard cutting edge & a resilient inner core for high speed work
- Blade hardened to 40 Rockwell C (can be sharpened with a chainsaw file or ceramic sharpening stone)
- Fits 100mm &115mm grinders

The Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver is a unique tungsten carbide tipped cutter with very little kick back. It is designed to meet international safety standards.

- For use with 100 & 115mm angle grinders fitted with the Arbortech Pro-Guard
- Replaceable tungsten carbide teeth
- Smooth free hand shaping
- Tungsten carbide teeth can be unlocked and rotated to expose a fresh cutting edge
- All parts replaceable
- Precision machined from solid steel
- Perfect for freehand carving of bowls or shaping the hardest woods
- Can be used to cut every type of wood, melamine laminate, plastic, nylon, corian, bakelite, acrylic, fibre glass and chipboard.
- Useful for shaping rough timber containing abrasive material such as sand and grit.

The three Super Sharp tungsten carbide teeth are diamond ground and polished on every surface.
The Kit includes:

- Industrial Tungsten tipped Woodcarver Blade
- Proguard system
- Torx fixing key

Prices include VAT 

Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit


Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit - IND200  124.13
Arbortech Industrial Pro Blade only - IND100  112.09


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