Abranet Sanding

This product emerged from the decorating industry where it is widely used. Hobbyist woodworkers cottoned on to the possibilities of this wonder abrasive about a decade a go and it has grown in popularity ever since. Abranet is a mesh which allows suction of wood particles/dust to be sucked away into a hoover or such like which is why it has velcro backing (so it sticks to a pad or sander). It is longer lasting than conventional sandpaper, doesn't clog as easily and can be washed. It is pliable so can be formed round shaped pieces of wood by hand.

It comes in rolls, strips or discs. Of course with all these attributes it comes at a price but Classic Hand Tools try to make it easy for you by offering strips in 7 grits (from 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 & 600) and in convenient quantities than usually found elsewhere (i.e starter packs or 2 strips of each grit). 

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