The Urban Woodsman

The Urban Woodsman

Product Reference: 27594
By Max Bainbridge

This book appeals to the modern man and woman looking for a creative outlet that will connect them to their environment, be they in the city or the countryside.

The book begins by identifying certain wood types and trees and how to source local timber for free or next to nothing. Then Max discusses the basic tools and hand grips, and with step-by-step carving and cutting techniques you will soon be mastering the skills to make your own creations. Starting with eating spoons, cooking spoons and spatulas, you can move on to butter knives, coffee scoops and chopping boards - even small bowls can be mastered without using a lathe. And there is added advice on finishing your projects - how to sand, ebonise, scorch and texture the surface as well as waxing and oiling your new, beloved kitchen creations.

All these projects are displayed and explained clearly so that, even if you are a craft or carving novice, you will succeed in creating something that can be passed down from generation to generation.
Price: 16.99

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