Kirjes Sanding System

Sanding with pneumatic (inflatable) drum sanders is the smoothest and most flexible form of sanding (next to hand sanding which isn't so much fun).

If you research the market place you will notice that most pneumatic sanders are quite awkward in their design, often made with big sides and hard edges with a valve poking out of the underside and an oversized drive shaft.

The Kirjes inflatable drum sanders are inflated through an air inlet in the drive shaft. This is a patented solution which has made it possible not only to make superior cylindrical sanders but also to make a rounded sander, the Kirjes Bowl Sander.

The inflatable rubber sanders are soft which allows them to be used all the way to the edge of your work. This eliminates scratches and allows you to apply the total width of the sander against your work or to use just the edge. The sander actually becomes flat when pressed against a flat surface and round when pressed against a round surface ie. the sander will conform to the underlying surface.

Kirjes is the most revolutionary sanding system for hobbyist and professional woodworkers. It has particular appeal to woodturners & woodcarvers, to come out in years. Kirjes uses up to 4 inflatable rubber sanders that each have 4 grits of sanding sleeves, from coarse to extra fine, fitted either to a flexible shaft or the quiet 1/2 HP (300 watt) motor. The inflatable sanders are ruggedly built from Swedish steel and heavy rubber.

This system easily eliminates your labourious hand sanding process, saving you countless hours of sanding while putting a beautiful, silky smooth finish on your masterpieces. With the new dust extraction sleeve you can move the dust away at the point of sanding.

We include a leaflet with all the kits & packages that explains the Kirjes sanding process This gives practical proposals of how to use the coarse to extra fine grit sanding sleeves to achieve that velvety wooden surface.

Click here for pictorial examples of Kirjes System in use

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