Barn Club
Barn Club
A Tale of Forgotten Elm Trees, Traditional Craft and Community Spirit by Robert J Somerville Barn Club tells the story of a group of volunteers who partake in the ancient tradition of raising barns by hand, made of local elm wood. In celebration of the launch of Barn Club, author Robert Somerville will be joined by Ben Raskin, head of Horticulture and Agroforestry at Soil Association UK. Also...
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Country Woodcraft: Then & Now
By Drew Langsner In 1978, Drew Langsner released his book “Country Woodcraft” to the world, and it sparked a movement – still expanding today – of hand-tool woodworkers who make things with mostly green wood. The 304 pages of “Country Woodcraft” showed you how to split wood from the forest and shape into anything you might need, from a spoon to a bowl, from...
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James Krenov: Leave Fingerprints
By Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney James Krenov (1920-2009) was one of the most influential woodworking writers, instructors and designers of the 20th century. His best-selling books – starting with “A Cabinetmaker’s Notebook” – inspired tens of thousands of people to pick up the tools and build things to the highest standard. Yet, little is known about his life, except...
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Make a Joint Stool from a Tree: An Introduction to 17th Century Joinery
Last Ones!
Make a Joint Stool from a Tree: An Introduction to 17th Century Joinery
By Jennie Alexander & Peter Follansbee When it comes to exploring the shadowy history of how 17th-century furniture was built, few people have been as dogged and persistent as Jennie Alexander and Peter Follansbee. For more than two decades, this unlikely pair – an attorney in Baltimore and a joiner at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts – have pieced together how this early furniture...
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