Veritas Thickness Calipers 420mm (16½")

Veritas Thickness Calipers 420mm (16

Product Reference: 05N2203

Primarily used by turners, these thickness calipers can be fitted into virtually any shape of vase or bowl.

To use, open the caliper by just pulling the legs apart (having the spacing nut between the legs rather than outside them allows this), put in position and then set the spacing nut to the wall thickness. Open calipers, remove and measure tip gap.

The spacing nut can be adjusted for any thickness from 0" to 13½" on the 16½" model and 0" to 5½" on the 9" model. The respective throat depths (from nut to tip) are 11½" and 5½". These are equally good for dimensional take-offs of almost any oddly shaped object. Steel with brass fittings.

Price: 53.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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