Veritas Beam Compass Heads

Veritas Beam Compass Heads
Veritas Beam Compass Heads

Product Reference: 05N5001

Using a regular compass for small circles is OK, but for projects involving large circles or arcs, our beam compass heads are ideal.

The aluminium heads clamp onto a piece of wood between 5/8" and 3/4" thick, creating a compass whose radius is limited only by the length of stock you have at hand. Each brass clamping knob holds the head securely to the beam using a trapped pin that prevents pivoting and shifting. The pins withdraw as the clamping knob is backed off. The heads need only be clamped approximately as one of the points has an eccentric tip that can be used to achieve 1/8" of fine adjustment. Both points have been hardened and can be used to mark hard surfaces such as steel plate, sheet metal or aluminium.

Also included is a small pencil for marking wood and wallboard. The heads, points and pencil all pack into the slim tubular hard-shell case for storage in a toolbox.

A simple yet highly useful layout tool.
Price: 46.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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