Tool Manufacturers
Take a look at Bill Carter's handmade wooden planes.
Brimarc Tools & Machinery - This is the distribution arm of Axminster Tools & Machinery who bought Brimarc in 2007. They have a wide portfolio of tools, many of which we do not advertise for sale through our web site but are nevertheless available from us. Give us a call if anything takes your fancy.
Neatly presented site of fine brass cabinetware from Brusso.
Home of Auriou Toolworks, the world famous hand stitched rasps and rifflers.
Glen-Drake Toolworks is based in California developing tools for woodworkers that value woodworking as a way of life.
Ron Hock's superb web site which is fun to read and you will learn a lot about how he makes his plane blades.
King Arthur Tools, Lancelot, Squire and most recently the Holey Galahad, well worth a look and listen!
Home and manufacturing base for Veritas branded tools. Wonderful customer service.
Unsurpassed quality from contemporary production tool manufacturers Lie-Nielsen
Traditional wooden planes made in England by Phil Edwards. As a woodworker with a passion for hand tools, planes in particular, it was inevitable that he would end up making them himself.
Robert Sorby woodturning, carving and general woodworking tools.

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