Sack Ups Saw Sheaths

Here at Classic Hand Tools we sell some of the best hand tools available from around the globe. They do not come cheap and taking extra care of them should be high priority. These products from US manufacturer Sack-Ups are environmentally safe, shield against dust and scratches, and have a lifetime guarantee.

Moreover the unique makeup of the Sack-Ups fabric creates a natural wicking ability that prevents rust and other moisture damage like no other protective product on the market.

Whether you are a weekend hobbyist or the most skilled woodworker who depends on this craft for their livelihood make sure you protect your hand tools.

Sack-Ups produce 4 sizes of plane sack (or sock), a chisel roll, a dovetail saw sheaf and a small tenon saw sheaf. If you are unsure as to what size of product you need please give us call.

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