Auriou Rifflers

Rifflers are double ended shaping tools for shaping wood or stone.

In 2007 Michel Auriou decided to re-introduce a fuller octagonal barrel shape to the handle of his rifflers.

This "classic" design from yesteryear allows for greater comfort and control for the user over prolonged periods.

There are 6 designs to choose from and these are all available in 4 lengths. The longer the overall length the coarser the grit.

Length 150mm (6") grain 14
Length 175mm (7") grain 13
Length 200mm (8") grain 12
Length 250mm (10") grain 10

Grain 14 is extremely fine and grain 10 is fine.

Auriou rifflers are used by anyone who wants to add or refine detail on carvings or turned work. Also popular with gun stock makers, wildfowl carvers & stick makers. Are you a stone or marble carver then take a look at our stone carving sections for stone carving rifflers.

All Auriou rifflers are hand stitched with a comfortable "fat" hexagonal barrel handle which allows you to use the riffler for long periods of time without discomfort or fatigue.

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