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Gramercy Finishing Brushes

The Gramercy Tools brush is made of 100 percent European ox-hair. Ox-hair is very fine and has a wonderful feel to it. It will leave a virtually brush-mark free surface and will hold a fair amount of finish for a long, efficient and controlled stroke. This brush is useful even for French polishing, if you brush on a coat to get a head start before starting the rubbing out process. The brush is solid hair with no gap, so you can cover carving details and mouldings, and go over edges and corners with no drips or splatters. The ox-hair is anchored in the brush with epoxy, so the brush won't deteriorate in solvents. The ferrule is top-quality stainless steel, so you can easily clean it in any solvent, including water, and not have to worry about corrosion - which can shorten the life of the brush and contaminate your finish. The handle is made of unfinished hardwood (in an attractive, traditional beaver-tail pattern) that is very comfortable in the hand and has a great balance. The brush has a hand-sculpted chisel tip for best performance. Grammercy's brushmaker told us to pack the brushes in a traditional paper wrapper that allows the hair to breathe and last longer. So we did.

Gramercy claim, and UK cabinetmaker, furniture restorer & author John Lloyd agrees, that you are unlikely to find a better finishing brush for shellac, varnish, nitrocellulose lacquer or any other typical finish material. With care, these brushes will last for years and make finishing much easier and more rewarding.

Gramercy Finishing Brush 3"
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Price: 52.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Gramercy Finishing Brush 3



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