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Lie-Nielsen Draw Bore Pins
Ref: LN-DrawBorePin

Drawboring is a great way to make a strong mechanical joint. A wooden pin is hammered through slightly offset holes in the two pieces, and pulls the joint together. You use Drawbore Pins to pull the joint together first (with some force and a twisting motion). This eases the edges of the hole making driving the wood pin easier. You can also disassemble the joint if you want to work on the fit some more before permanent assembly.

O-1 Tool Steel, Rockwell 60-62. Diameter at base of pin .440" (1.12cm) tapering to .110" (2.8mm) at the tip. Length overall 12". Sold in pairs. To pre-assemble the four parts of a door frame, two pairs are handy.

Unfortunately this item is not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list.

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Price: 88.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Lie-Nielsen Draw Bore Pins

L_N Draw Bore Pins

Blue Spruce Draw Bore Pins

Blue Spruce Toolworks Draw Bore Pins are used during the assembly and test fitting of mortise and tenon joinery. They are finely machined from high quality, very high strength steel. The handles are extra long for a firm, comfortable grip and are available in Cocobolo.

Available for use with 5/16", 1/4" and 3/8" diameter pegs.

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Blue Spruce Draw Bore Pins


  • Blue Spruce Draw Bore Pins - 1/4" Curly Maple - Pair   
  • Blue Spruce Draw Bore Pins - 5/16" Curly Maple - Pair   


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