Douzuki Gold

Douzuki Gold
Douzuki GoldDouzuki GoldDouzuki GoldDouzuki Gold

Product Reference: J-WDG

The Douzuki has a metal spine to give some rigidity to the blade.

Professional quality pull saws with replaceable blades. These blades are robust and with usual wear they should last a long time. More care must be taken with the thinnest blade such as the Douzuki 150 & 210 saws which are designed for very fine cuts.

A choice of 4 sizes

Douzuki Gold 150 - 150mm blade - 0.2mm thick, spacing 0.83mm, setting 0.35mm WDG150 - A very fine 150mm long blade.

Douzuki Gold 210 - 210mm blade - 0.2mm thick, spacing 0.83mm, setting 0.35mm WDG210 - A very fine 210mm long blade.

Douzuki Gold 240 - 240mm blade - 0.3mm thick, spacing 1mm, setting 0.45mm WDG240 - For deeper cuts with 0.3mm thick blade - Our best selling Douzuki Gold saw.

Prices include VAT

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