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Chappell Gauging Square
Ref: Chappell810M

A lovely little square made of 13 gauge stainless steel with deep etched rulings. The 810M is ideal for intricate layout and also for setting both circular saws and table saw blades to a perfect 90 degrees.

The 810M dimensions are - Body 25mm x 100mm, Tongue 25mm x 80mm

Price includes VAT 

Price: 30.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Chappell Gauging Square


Chappell Metric Centre Squares
Ref: ChappellCMCS

Made of 13 gauge stainless steel with deep etched rulings. These are the first Centres squares to combine a centre rule with a square and are great for detail layout when working from centre lines. Both sides of the body and the tongue have deep etched metric ruling on the edges (mm) and a centre rule scale along the centre of each leg.

Made in the USA

There are 2 models

The 2030M - the body is 300mm x 40mm with a tongue of 200mm x 25mm
The 1624M - the body is 240mm x 40mm with a tongue of 150mm x 25mm

Unfortunately the 2030M model is not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list.

Prices include VAT 

Chappell Metric Centre Squares


Chappell Centre Square Model 1624M  43.00

Chappell Universal Framing Squares

Steve Chappell has been working on his framing squares for some considerable time and he maintains that the Chappell Universal Square is the first real improvement in the framing square since 1901.

These squares have a full array of patented rafter tables that include equal and unequal pitched as well as 6 & 8 sided polygons.

* Equal pitched rafter tables from 15º to 60º
* Polygon rafter tables from 17.5º to 47.5º
* Unequal pitched rafter tables from 15º to 30º

Each square includes a 48 page instruction booklet.

Made from rugged 13 gauge stainless steel and deep etched for long life.

The squares are guaranteed to be square within 0.03"

There are 2 metric and 2 imperial models.

The Master Framer, models 1824S and 4560M

1824S - 1 1/2" x 18" tongue with 2" x 24" body
4560M - 40mm x 460mm tongue with 50mm x 610mm body

The Traveler Model - models 1218S and 3050M

1218S - 1 1/2" x 12" tongue with 22 x 18" body
3050M - 40mm x 300mm tongue with 50mm x 500mm body

Unfortunately the Imperial Traveler is not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list.

Prices include VAT

Shipping on this item is free within the UK

We ship to mainland Europe and beyond (prices on request).

Chappell Universal Framing Squares


The Master Framer 1824S  172.00
The Master Framer 4560M  172.00
The Traveler (Metric) 3050M  118.00

Steve Chappell - Advanced Timber Framing

This Award Winning hard cover First Edition has 368 pages and over 900 colour photos, along with hundreds of drawings and illustrations detailing an enormous variety of specific joinery details.

Starting with a comprehensive history of medieval hip and valley roof systems, to detailed descriptions about how to design even the most intricate compound joinery detail, Advanced Timber Framing opens a broad doorway to both the professional builder and novice alike to expand their creativity.

Chappell presents a complete and comprehensive geometric and mathematical system in this work. One that can be used to design virtually any conceivable arrangement of complex structural members that one may ever face.

Price: 64.00

Steve Chappell - Advanced Timber Framing


Steve Chappell - A Timber Framer's Workshop

This New Edition is a 272 page workbook that includes comprehensive in-depth technical information on the joinery, design and construction of Traditional Timber Frames. Illustrated with over 500 photos and CAD drawings, with over 150 new in this edition.

The revised edition has
expanded chapters on…
• Structural Design Considerations
• Bent Framing & Joinery Design
• Tension Joinery
• Roof Framing & Truss Design
• Timber & Wood Technology
• Tips & Techniques
• Joinery Details
• Timber Frame Plans
• Builders Math & Engineering and more…

If you are an architect, engineer, builder or an aspiring owner builder wishing to build your own timber frame, A Timber Framer’s Workshop will provide the information you need.

Price: 28.00

Steve Chappell - A Timber Framer's Workshop



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