Brusso Brass Butt Hinge CB-407

Brusso Brass Butt Hinge CB-407
Brusso Brass Butt Hinge CB-407Brusso Brass Butt Hinge CB-407

Product Reference: CB-407

The CB-407 full mortise butt hinge, milled from heavy brass stock, is the largest of four versions manufactured for boxes and small cabinets. It measures 2" x 1½". Available with ball finials as CB-407B.

Length: 2.000" - 51mm
Width: 1.490" - 1½" - 38mm
Leaf Thickness: 0.109" - 7/64" - 3mm

NOTE - All Brusso hinges come in PAIRS. Screws are INCLUDED (brass for the brass hinges and stainless for the stainless steel hinges). A single stainless steel screw is also included with brass hinges. This is used to make a pilot hole for the brass screws to help prevent any damage to the brass screws.

Routing template available: TJ-107
Price: 51.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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