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BenchCrafted Glide Leg Vice Base Hardware

The Glide makes holding your work quick, easy, and pleasurable. The Glide uses a clever combination of components to deliver incredible clamping force with minimal effort.

The Handwheel

We've done away with the traditional "tommy bar" handle in place of a massive cast iron hand wheel. T- bar style handles offer one distinct advantage: lots of leverage. Otherwise they can be clumsy, slow, and can interfere with your work and your body. We've engineered the Glide to deliver rock-solid workholding without the need for the big lever of a tommy bar. The massive handwheel allows you to operate the vise with minimal effort. Acting like a flywheel, the handwheel turns the screw and allows you to rapidly adjust the vise with a quick spin. You can open the vise to full capacity (typically 9") in about 4 seconds. Closing it is just as quick and easy. With three knobs oriented at 120 degrees around the wheel's perimeter, there will always be a knob between the 10:00 and 2:00 position. This makes for very convenient operation. Moving a knob from 2:00 to 10:00 (1/3 revolution) moves the chop over 1/8"; more than enough to remove your workpiece. Operating the vise is fun. Giving the handwheel a healthy spin opens the jaw wider and more quickly (use one of the knobs, or grasp the rim itself) and closing the vise from this position with another healthy spin closes the vise rapidly against your workpiece. In most cases, further tightening of the vise is unnecessary. The Glide M features a refined, fully-machined iron handwheel with durable, acrylic-infused Dymondwood knobs. Sporting a more traditional look, the Glide C features a sand-cast iron handwheel with acrylic-infused beech knobs.

The Screw

A rolled-thread double-lead acme screw is the heart of the Glide. At 4 turns-per-inch, the double lead moves the chop 1/2" per revolution, twice as fast as typical metal vise screws. Roll threading creates a hardened, polished thread for smooth action, and consolidates the molecular structure for durability, unlike screws with cut threads. We turn our nuts from solid billets of steel and tap them to work sweetly with the Glide's screw.


Glide M • Fully-machined massive 8" dia. cast-iron hand wheel. Designed, cast and machined in the USA
Dymondwood "Rosewood Cocobolo" knobs

Glide C • Massive 8" dia. cast-iron hand wheel. Designed, cast and machined in the USA
Infused beech knobs

• Benchcrafted Crisscross mechanism, designed, patterned and cast in the USA

• Rolled-thread carbon steel double-lead acme screw with 4 tpi pitch for rapid movement & positive clamping pressure. 1/2" travel per revolution.

• One-piece acme nut turned from solid billet of cold-rolled steel

• 3/8" thick steel flange, black oxide finish

• Suede leather jaw liner for a tenacious, non-marring grip

• Includes everything you need to build the vise, except wood

• All components designed and made in the USA

Notice: Cross parts not included! The Glide Leg Vise Bace Hardware must be paired either with a Crisscross Solo or with a Crisscross Retro. See items below!

The Benchcrafted Glide Leg Vise from Benchcrafted on Vimeo.

Unfortunately the cast version is not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list.

Price incl VAT 

BenchCrafted Glide Leg Vice instructions can be found here

BenchCrafted Glide Leg Vice Base Hardware


Glide Leg Vice Base Hardware - Machined 370.00

BenchCrafted Crisscross Retro

The Crisscross Retro features two cast iron brackets which house short pivot pins that attach to the arms. You don't need to drill any holes for pivot pins with the Retro, which makes it a better choice if you're retrofitting a bench with a Crisscross. You can also use the Retro in a new bench, even if you have access to a drill press, if you'd prefer the installation method of the Retro. The arms in both the Solo and Retro are identical. The difference is simply in your installation preference.

Weight 5.9 kg

Crisscross Retro Contents:
2 Crisscross arms
1 pivot pin
3 snap rings (one extra)
2 2-1/2 inch mounting pins
2 iron mounting brackets
4 5/16 x 1-1/4 inch cap screws
2 1-3/4 steel bearing plates
2 #8 wood screws
Same instruction sheet as for Glide Leg Vice Base Hardware

Assembling notice: Aside from the typical woodworking tools required to build the wood components of the vise and install it, you'll need some tools who not every woodworker in Continental Europe will usually have as they are in imperial (inch) measurements. Also we recommend to read the chapter about tapping holes in wood for machine screws as it is not so common to do this in Europe.
You will need, in case you follow the instructions strictly:
5/16-18 tap for the 4 flat head screws
Allen key 3/16 inch for the 4 flat head screws
1/4 inch or 6.3 mm bit for the pilot hole of the 5/16" flat head screws (6 mm bit will do too, is even better in wood!)

Price incl VAT 

BenchCrafted Crisscross instructions can be found here

Price: 151.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

BenchCrafted Crisscross Retro



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